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Welcome to Go Rossman!'s Team Page

Once again I ask for your support of a cause that is very personal to me, yet affects so many: autism. With recent CDC statistics showing 1 in 59 children nationally diagnosed with autism by age 8, and 1 in 34 in New Jersey, chances are that you probably know a family struggling with the challenges of autism.

We all deal with stress, but my son Ross deals with stressors we can't even imagine--every day. Bancroft's compassionate staff and meaningful services provide Ross and so many others, from children to adults, with the opportunity to have "a life" -- something it is so easy for the rest of us to take for granted.

So please support our Go Rossman! Team, so Bancroft can continue its important work for years to come.
Thanks so much!



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Laura Kuntz

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    Susan Holzman
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    Dave Casey
    Very happy to support Ross !

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    Team Go Rossman! has raised 105% of its goal
    Team Fundraising Goal: $14,000.00
    Money Raised:$14,735.00

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    One World Run/Walk for Bancroft has raised 125% of their goal
    One World Run/Walk for Bancroft Goal:$75,000.00
    Money Raised:$93,914.00